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Education, Budget and Safety

Theresa is a native of the St. Cloud area. Unlike Mike and Nicole, she attended a small private school and felt confident in the education her school and her family provided for her. But her younger sister brought to light much of what was going on within the School District 742. Her sister has special needs and is a student within the district where these needs are met. Theresa's family work closely with her sister's teachers and have been strong advocates for her needs. While being a part of her sister's education process in ISD742, she began paying attention to the often overlooked details that include the financial workings of the district. As she has dug in deeper and looked her closer, she noticed many dollars going into the district, but not getting to the teachers where those dollars could be better used. Theresa, like so many others, is also concerned about the safety of the students and the teachers. Her focus is on the education of the students, wise usage of the finances and safety for all in ISD 742.

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