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Advocate for Common Sense and Personal Freedom

Mike grew up right here in St. Cloud. He is a proud graduate of Apollo High School! Mike is fond of his roots here, but a few years after graduating from high school he was being called away for a season. He spent around 14 years abroad in China where he served in missionary work. When he returned to Minnesota, he headed back home, excited to place his children into  School District 742 just as he had been. The challenges of Covid, though, brought to light things that are off in the system, things that need to be addressed now! His heart hurts every time someone tells him they can't handle something within ISD 742 and they move their children, whether they choose a private school, open enrolling their children in another area school or even home schooling their children. He is concerned with people LEAVING the school district. He is committed to staying here and helping it reclaim what it once was and a school district to be proud of once again!


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